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Focus Group Reviews

Wow!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first three chapters of this book. The author’s story is so relatable that many times while reading I felt like this was my story. I believe that this book will empower, heal, and transform the lives of every woman who reads it. I cannot wait to receive my copy!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your focus group. This was not a coincidence as this book is confirmation to everything God was already dealing with me on. I love you and thank you for your obedience to hearing God's voice

Sabrina R.

Thanks for sending a copy of these few chapters! I truly enjoyed the read. It definitely challenges you (the reader) to dig deeper into yourself. It is so easy to find ourselves operating in the "roles" that we have been blessed with but unfortunately, neglecting & forgetting ourselves in the process. I loved the "Selfish Mode" portion of the book. being selfish with yourself, for yourself, is very important to do often! I also love the interactive aspect of the book. Writing down your deepest thoughts is a great way to identify the areas that need our attention most. It allows the reader to be authentic with themselves and their experiences, even if it is an ugly "self-truth"... yet being reminded of God's love and His forgiveness in the process. I am looking forward to reading more! I truly enjoyed it! Thanks again for the opportunity to review Allysia's new book!

Keelia S.

This was well written! Very good conversation. It was easy to read and understand. It was not intrusive, but it was profound and real. I loved the part where you spoke about how you finally saw yourself in the video. That realization of peace was powerful...

Taniki R.

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